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Presently, we are hand raising various kinds of macaws, African greys,cockatoos,macaws and different bird species. we also supply freshly tested fertile eggs. we sell in large quantities if need be. Shipping is available world wide.Text 443-681-9287 .
Male and female cockatoo for sale at affordable prices, we also have other birds available and ready for re-homing, visit our website to contact us www.africangreyparrotsforsale.biz .
Super friendly male Goffins Cockatoo needs a new home. He is 5 years old. Loves to talk, cuddle, and dance. Asking re homing.Cage and accessories included...CONTACT US NOW 872 7010865 CONTACT US NOW 872 7010865 CONTACT US NOW 872 7010865 .
The African Grey has been known as a superb talking bird for centuries. As a modern day avian companion, the African Grey fits well into apartments and condominiums due to its small size and quiet nature. They rarely make enough noise to upset your neighbors"Sociable and affectionate, We are offering our handraised baby she talks quite well. .
Our Beloved Monty is for sale born on . Very friendly with kids and adults Very tamed bird. We are ok for Monty cage to be left open so he can stretch his legs and interact with the family. Only reason for sale work co. .CONTACT ME AT( TWO ZERO FIVE NINE NINE ZERO SIX) OR (MUKUMLENDI GMAIL .COM). Images and contact info on Advertigo website.... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
We have had Jester from an egg. He is tame and can be hand-fed. He is weeks old and is in terrific condition. Hatch certificate. He should live indoors. His cage (pictured) cost just under new but we are willing to include this in the asking price as well as a Play Stand and Travel Cage - hence no offers on the sale price. Jester is a totally amazing character and would make a sweet pet.for mor...
Hi Every My name is Blueberry (call me Blue for short)and my friend is Peaches (Peachie for short). We are a bonded pair of lovebirds taken in from the emergency intake of birds awhile back and must be adopted together. We and all the others were so grateful for all the donations and support we received from you Thank you again for that We were sort of afraid of people at st but our foster momm...
Pepper is a Tippler who got lost and was starving trying to make it on his own. He found a great person who saw he needed help and through them found his way into rescue. He was so weak he couldn t even hop out of a box in the beginning but now wi... see more at Petfinder... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Variety of pigeons for sale. Fantails all colors red amp yellow mottled Portuguese Tumblers mottled... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Meet Cody She (DNA verified) is a beautiful yr old Quaker who has had loving home. Cody is chatty engaging and eagerly steps up. She also has a nice and healthy appetite. She was surrendered as her family could no longer provide her the love and attion she needs. She has a clean bill of health but we are not sure if her feathers will ever grow back. She wears a collar to prevent further pluckin...
Simon is a Quaker (Monk) Parakeet. Like most Quakers Simon can be a little cage aggressive. He does not seem to know how to step up but will let you hold him and likes to be close to you. He will try to fly away from you but with patience he may ... see more at Petfinder... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
We don t know anything about Ari he was found outside by a kind soul in Blue Springs who took him in and brought him to us. So we are hoping some will love this little guy with a sketchy history. Our birds are not available for breeding and we do... see more at Petfinder... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Hi Hi Hi My name is Bruce I think I am just the prettiest tiniest little green cheek conure in all of the world. I am very young about yrs old.I have a lot of personality and my foster mother seems to like me a lot. My foster brother is the coolest thing I ve ever met in my life as far as a human goes. I like spending lots of time with him. I readily step up for him...not so much for my foster ...
Dozer is lucky to be an out of jail bird . This attractive guy came to TGF along with other... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Tico SB Moluccan CockatooCacatua moluccensisIf parrots could be in rock bands Tico would be the lead singer. Not is this gorgeous Moluccan Cockatoo s vocabulary impressive he has no issues with billowing lungs and air sacs to project his emotions verbally. As any stunning creature may now beauty doesn t come easy Tico is always grooming and preening himself and absolutely loves a shower. Within...
Umbrella CockatooCacatua alba Tough love takes on a new meaning with Tico. This boisterous male Umbrella cockatoo has a busy beak and requires continuous activities to keep him engaged and busy. Not does he love to fracture wood into tiny pieces he also loves investigating boxes and new objects. Upon meeting Tico s blossoming raised crest and flexed contour feathers suggest excitement and curio...
From my best guess I d say he s male yrs. old single owner except foster homeVeterinarian... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Hello My name is Rosie and I am a very attractive Umbrella Cockatoo in perfect feather condition. I came into the Rescue because my owner passed away. I am about yrs old and the vet told me that I am actually a male.I am a nice eater and I take foods from your hand very gently. I am on a healthy diet of Zupreem pellets and I love fruits and veggies especially bananas carrots and broccoli.I make...
Gallo is possibly a Panama Yellow Naped Amazon. He is around yrs of age. He was hand-carried to the United States after being purchased in Guatemala. He had rubbed his cheek feathers off but we have been applying coconut oil to help him with ... see more at Pet finder... Pictures and contact information on Advertigo website.... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
I have large bird experience and am seeking a CAG for a family pet. Health and great feathers are a must and I would prefer the bird to be as friendly and outgoing as possible. We are a very loving family who would have our bird out of the cage for the majority of the day and give him her as much love and attion it craved A large vocabulary is preferred but if he she has the potial that is grea...
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