selling my brand new chicken coop. great condition never used and already assembled. holds 3 chickens or rabbits comfortably. if you have any questions feel free to call or text me.
This thing is in good condition. Its basically around 3x5. It has spots for light bulbs to keep it warm underneath of it. It has hooks so as the chicks get bigger you can raise it up higher by suspending it. Any questions feel free to ask. I dont check email very often so either call or text me. I have a Texas number but it is located in demotte Indiana. I do have a way to load.
Lot of chicken egg cartons 18 packs. 5$1. Some plastic, paper, and styrofoam. Will talk discount is buying multiple lots. Will Not deliver. CASH ONLY NO SPAM
Comes with 2 feeders, 2 waters, and 2 heated electric waters. 40$ a piece or all for 150$
New Hshires, and Black Australorp. All from Townline hatchery in Zeeland. Hens layed 1st eggs last week $20 each, Roosters just starting to crow New Hshires and Wyndotts $15 The Wyndott and Barred Rock hens are sold.
Downsizing this weekend. Have a few pure bred young hens and roosters available... Hens range from $20-30 each and cockerels from $10 to $20 each. All are rare breeds and all are from great breeding lines. I have Birchen Marans, Svart Hona all black cousins to Ayam Cemani, Large Cochins Lavender and Black split to Lavender.. very rare, and 1st import Isbars Silverudds which lay green eggs. We a...
Araucana chicken eggs for hatching from pure rumples and tufted Araucana chickens. Aqua bluegreen eggs. medium large foul. also available are brown eggs from sex link hen and rumples Araucana rooster. large breed. these will be large chickens, and they will lay olive green eggs. $1.00 each egg or one dozen for $10. e-mail or CALL on phone for information.
Hello,If you need a well-built horse run-in shelter, shed, goat or sheep shelter, or chicken coop built, please contact me. Look at the pictures of the horse shelters and sheds I have built. I build them strong and heavy so they will last you a long time.The most popular horse shelter is taller in front, where the horses go in and out, and the other is taller in the back. Typical sizes are 16 f...
All hens will be 1yr April 13th, all layers big, brown, spotted brown, pink, blue,green.4 naked necks turkens $35.004 Rhode Island reds $45.002 easter eggers americanas $35.00For all 10 discounted price,Also 2 month old 4 game st run already blump $5.0010 Rhode Island reds $2.00
Used chicken feeders. Two steel feeders are 36. All in good condition. Would like to sell the whole lot together. CASH ONLY. $30 Waterers are SOLD
Wooden Chicken Crate for transporting chickens and any other animal if it fits comfortably. This crate is in Great condition with a good latching door.
18 chickens Ages vary but all under 6 months. 3 roosters in the mix 2 young roosters 1 older rooster about 3 years old hes semi aggressive. $8 each or $80 for all.Bantams too Have around 9 left $4 each or $25 for allBreed types Isa Brown, Black Sexlink, Calico princess, Silver lace wyandotte, Americana, Barred Rock
18 chickens Ages vary but all under 6 months. 2 roosters in the mix 1 young rooster 1 older rooster about 3 years old.$8 each or $80 for all.Bantams too Have around 9 left $4 each or $25 for allBreed types Isa Brown, Black Sexlink, Calico princess, Silver lace wyandotte, Americana, Barred Rock
Few month old cockerels. Easter egger and Black copper marans.Abington, IN. Text if interested. $10 for EE. BCM has a hump and walks differently because of it. He comes free with EE.
We are having 2 big Sales in April. April 13th is a Horse and Tack sale. April 20th Goat and Lamb Sale. They will also be having there normal sale also listed in General information. If you have anything to sell form Animals any Animal related stuff to Miscellaneous House stuff to Farm stuff this would be the place to bring it.If you are looking for anything I mean anything you might find it he...