I hatch Serama chickens. They are the perfect backyard or house size chicken They are the number one pet in Malaysia. A pet chicken is similar to having a pet dog or parrot. They are only about 1 pound I show them all over the USA. $50.00 and up each. One is direct malaysian line SG.Call or text to come and see them. I have started a serama club in Naperville. Join for free on Facebook at Chica...
New coop was going to get chickens and plans have changed. Solid well made structure, 5-2 over all height, coop is 28x 50 wide x 32 deep. I would say 6 chickens would fit fine. Opens on each side of structure.
Hello there, we are a in 9 acres small farm and we have room for few more animals.We can take any FREE farm animal goat, lamb, Rabbit, chicken- rooster, alpacas...Please call Tommy at if you have any free animal and we can pick up
ISA BROWN CHICKS Pullets FOR SALE Guaranteed Females. ISA BROWNS are one of the best breeds of laying chicken available. Known to lay up to 300 brown eggs per year. $6.00 Each