Mini-Trampoline. Some springs are missing but it's in basic working order.
Cute handmade Irish Spring costume. Well made! Made out of a box, wear anything you like underneath! Easy front door pick up.
A chest that is woven wicker, 20" tall, 20" deep and 37" wide. Stored clothing in it previously. Available now for pickup. Reply to arrange a time.
todayEvanston, IL+13 milesFree Stuff
Flute players, sheet music and books. Classical & Baroque, duos, trios and larger ensembles. Jazz Improvisation and fake books. Difficulty is intermediate to extremely difficult. The music was used for teaching and performance. Four paper bags of music. All in good condition.
I have a ton of hangers I'd love to see get used again!
I have a variety of terra cotta pots and other pots in great condition. Traditional brown terra cotta but a couple of gray ones with designs. Hate to give them up but I'm in a high-rise and have no use for this many. I have about two trader joe's size bags full. Pickup downtown asap from doorman. Thx.
Nearly full can of Rust-Oleum Rocksolid concrete stain. The color is charcoal. Must pick up near Eckhart Park.
Assortment of women's clothing, much of which from Anthropologie, Gap, Old Navy. Please take all and donate the rest. Pick up ASAP
Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear View Standing Cover. Model EF-ZG950. Black. Minor scratches on cover (visible only in strong light)
Elliptical machine is stored in basement, needs some repair but nice sturdy style.
yesterdayOak Park, IL+9 milesFree Stuff
Most of a bag of fiber glass insulation. Easy porch pick up.
yesterdayOak Park, IL+9 milesFree Stuff
Ikea Grundtal bar to attach to kitchen wall to hang large kitchen utensils(ladles, etc.). Dusty but never used, requires minimal assembly.
yesterdayOak Park, IL+9 milesFree Stuff
Self-standing, double-sided sign that reads CAUTION Kid's Play Zone. Can be folded up for storage. A little musty-has been in a basement- but intended for outdoors.
Particle-board bookcase with painted roses and flowers on one side; 5-shelves. Approx 71" x 29".
yesterdayEvanston, IL+13 milesFree Stuff
Landline phone, plugs into the wall. Cordless handset, recharges while on base, can be carried around the house. We "cut the cable" and no longer need it. With original instruction manual.
yesterdayEvanston, IL+13 milesFree Stuff
Set of car jumper cables. Old, but it's not like they can break. Not so useful for hybrid or electric vehicles.