Hello. I am looking for a wireless keyboard if anyone has any that you can still read the letters on the keyboard for a student learning to type. Thank you in advance.
Hi, If you have a working printer and a desktop scanner that you do not need anymore, I would be grateful to pick it up from you. Thank you.
Anyone have any visors that they don't use? Thank you for reading!!!
looking for a power drill to keep or to borrow for ~2 weeks. no preference on brand, as long as it works. preferably cordless thanks much!
looking for unwanted 60s-- 45s- lps -and also stereos-speakers from the 60s or 70s can p/u thanks.
My lawn mower just gave out . I am in need of a working lawn mower please. My township is very strict about high grass. Thank you in advance
yesterdayBerwyn, IL+9 milesItems Wanted
someone stole our bench off the porch if you did please return it. if anyone has an extra bench I would appreciate it. thanks
Trying for niece and nephew unexpected quick closing on their house Need to pick these boxes up BY TORTOW BEFORE 5 PM ANY help is really really appreciated! Please email me at Sarahj831@aol.com Or cell 847-208-0660
Hi there, I'm looking for some pro Sony headphones. Specifically interested in Sony MDR-7506 or MDR-V6 but of course I'll be open to anything available, other brands as well but these are the 2 I researched the most about. As long as they are clean and working/not broken, I'll take it :) Thank you! I greatly appreciate it
Hey there! In search of a shelf, cabinet, frame, glass, wooden, doesn't matter, anything that could work for a hot wheels diecast car display. The cars are 1:64 size. Its for a friend for his bday but i cant afford one right now. Trying to collect some hotwheels and put them together in some sort of display for him. Size doesn't matter, if its small ill just do a small one! Thanks so much :)
this weekWilmette, IL+16 milesItems Wanted
Our under cabinet went out We will certainly be moving in the next few months Cant see buying a 500. One that will be left here Anyone? Thank you in advance for even reading my post My email is sarahj831@aol.com
this weekWilmette, IL+16 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a 20" (tire diameter) bike with hand brakes for my granddaughter, who will be visiting from mid-June to mid-July. Please send a photo & description if you have a 20" bike on offer. Thank you, Katherine
Before I go out and buy any, I'm wondering if anyone has some old poles in the garage they'd want to hand down. This is just for some summer fun as we get out in nature, they don't have to be fancy! I will put new line on them. Any random tackle you have laying about would be great, too! Thank you!
Looking for a gas grill in good condition. Must be gas for my balcony.
Please let me know if you have any umbrellas (can be broken) or packing peanuts you no longer need and I will pick up. Looking for at least a trash bagful of peanuts :) Thanks!