2 Pedals for $60. Both are in great condition. -DOD Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion, only a few months old in MINT CONDITION. Comes with box. MARSHALL IN A BOX.-MOEN Fuzz Moo-This is an all analog, true bypass clone of the Electro Harmonix Civil War Edition Big Muff. Great for Guitar or Bass.Both run on 9V Battery or 9V Center Neg Power Adapter Not Included
Hi, Early Mike Mathews Triangle Big Muff If You Want To Fatten Up Your Sound This Would Do The Job David Gilmour Uses One And For Good Reason Original Volume Pot Replaced Other Two Pots Date To 1966 One Transistor Was Replaced Other Three Remain The Original Fairchild 2N5133 Transistors Velcro Holds The Battery In Place Sound Investment $500 Cash Only No E-Mail Offers Player Collector Thanks Rich
Got some assorted guitar pedals i no longer need, come and get emCrybaby GCB 95 missing the battery cover $45Berhinger HM300- $20Morley Power Wah Volume- $100Big Muff- $50Russian Green Big Muff-$75$275 takes all of them