Kodak Brownie Special Cameracondition used, acceptable The Kodak Brownie Special is a sheet metal box camera made for 620 roll film by Kodak in the USA. Production ran from Sept 1938-Oct 1942 to a design by Walter Dorwin Teague. Initial price in the US was $4.00The lens is a fixed-aperture meniscus, with two focus settings, 5-10ft 10ft-infinity. The shutter is a single-speed T rotary.
Description: Molded plastic body; optical direct vision finder; built-in selenium meter; screw and pin flash contacts. Aug 1961-Aug 1963: Starmatic II with two-tone grey body and two speed shutter Type: Solid body eye level roll film Introduced: April 1960 Discontinued: Nov 1965 Film size: 127 Picture size: 1 5/8 X 1 5/8" Manufactured: US Lens: Kodak f/8 Shutter: Rotary We ...
Vintage cameras. Kodak pocket instamatic camera, Kodak Flashfun Hawkeye camera, GE flashbulbs, GE flip flash II, 3 Sylvania GTE projector l Tungsten Halogen EHJ 250 W. - 24 V. Average of 50 hours use. Fotomat flash cubes, GE magicube. Kodak Bulls Eye camera, Kodak Brownie Junior six-20. Buy separate or together.